Welcome to my homepage!

I am so grateful that you take your time to see the world with my eyes.

Photography is more than a passion for me. My motivation is to discover new or see known in a different light.

I prefer to take pictures in the early morning – even before the sun kisses the summits and the landscape is awakening colorful.

But also the period from sunset until the last light at vanishes from the sky and the lights of the villages spread in the valleys is fascinating me.

You have to be prepared, when the light conditions change rapidly. From one moment to the other there can be an explosion of colors or an extraordinary light phenomenon and in the next moment it can be all over.

I am not always successful as I would like to be. But when I can capture these special moments it is overwhelming for me. This is why happiness and disappointment are close together.

Photographing means to be at the right time at the right place. It is a mixture of thorough planning and luck. But only when you make yourself on the way you have the chance on the perfect moment.
Still there are four seasons in the Allgäu. For me every season has its own beauty: the spring with the awakening of nature, the summer with dramatic thunderstorms, the autumn with a mystical and foggy atmosphere and my favorite season the winter which covers the world into a beautiful white.

Taking pictures is also a big physical challenge for me. In starry winter nights with temperatures of – 30 °C and when the coldness comes closer layer by layer, my breath freezes and my frozen-stiff hands clasp around my camera I very often I get to my limits. Additionally, in these lonely nights the primal fear is my permanent companion. But you are never really alone and I often have an unexpected animal encounter.

The reward of these efforts is when I reached the summit and see the landscape below me in a light of endless colors. In these moments I feel united with nature and all the effort is forgotten.

To discover nature in an exceptional intensive way and to capture the unique and never returning moments makes me happy.

With my pictures I want to stir up emotions and offer the viewer to enter a very different world.

I am inspired by the work of Marc Adamus, but also in Germany there are exceptional photographers, like Kilian Schönberger, who I met on a New Year morning during a photo tour.
The reconciliation of work, photography and family life is a challenge. But the beauty of nature is not found in the remotest places of the world but most often directly ahead of us without being noticed.

Due to my deep attachment to my home I mainly photograph in the Allgäu and its surrounding. For me the Allgäu is one of the most beautiful places in the world.
Now I wish you a lot of fun on my webside!